About Us

The Real Estate Company María Ventura & Asocs.

Carrying out corrective actions for the appearance of future breakdowns as well as ensuring the useful life of the facilities.
Our Owner Management Plan is developed so that your property has an error-free, open and transparent administration.
We can help you in all aspects that your operation requires to obtain the best conditions and the highest profitability.

Maria Ventura & Asocs.

The Real Estate Company María Ventura & Asocs. It was founded in 1981, its beginnings were in a small space in the house and then, thanks to the support of my clients, I had to move it to a place and from there the business continued to grow.

To be the leading company in the real estate market inside and outside of La Romana, providing the most complete advice and service.

Serve and satisfy the needs of our clients with a wide range of services, always with the best and most objective advice.

Ethics, Professionalism, Consulting, Experience, Responsibility, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Seriousness, Service, Objectivity, Strategy, Organization, Capabilities, Analysis, Motivation, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Work, Decision, Success.



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